PT. Asian Welding Specialist focuses on testing capable welding personnel to AWS, ASME, API, ABS, DNVGL, ISO and other industry codes and standards. PT. AWS are audited and approved by the American Welding Society and compliant to the requirements of AWS Standard for Accreditation of Test Facilities for the AWS Certified Welder Program, Standard for Certified Welders and open to the public in Indonesia. If your ready to demonstrate your welding skills, then you should achieve International respected and recognized American Welding Society Certified Welder Certification with PT. AWS.

PT. AWS also offers expert Welding Engineering, Educational, Inspection and Code book consulting and understands weld process and procedure improvements to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve overall weld project quality. We provide technical services, consulting, code-book and welding inspection training seminars in-house or at your facility, local venue or at our facility in Bandung.

We offer technical expert resources for your welding requirements.

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The AWS Certified Welder Program is designed to provide portable welding credentials for code welders.

Welders can test to a number of code-specific supplements that pattern themselves after the qualification requirements of specific codes. Supplements are available for the structural steel, chemical plant & refinery piping, sheet metal, and petroleum piping industries. A special feature allows welders to certify to non-code Company-specific welding procedures, allowing for the maximum flexibility in a rapidly changing regulatory climate.

More and more companies have realized the shortcomings and high-risk of self-qualification and discovered the advantages of utilizing AWS Accredited Test Facilities to test, assess and qualify welders before they mobilize them, as we can do the assessment work for you. ATFs help you save time and money, improve productivity, and reduce liability by entrusting your welder certification to the experts. We assure you end up with qualified and AWS Certified welders so your welding rejects rates are held to minimum levels.

The AWS Certified Welder Program is a program which does not entail any prerequisite courses or prior certifications for welders, however, a skills assessment may be required. Companies and Welders with the AWS Welder Certification card are vastly more recognized and highly sought after due to mounting demand in various industry sectors and non reliable welder testing by non-accredited agencies and facilities. Under the AWS Certified Welder Program, the Welder Performance Qualification Test required and always witnessed by an authorized Test Supervisor who is a AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on behalf of the Accredited Test facility, which then conducts the necessary tests and all results are processed with AWS. Once the welder passes the test, a CW (Certified Welder) certificate/card is issued directly by the American Welding Society. Separate yourself from all the rest and test with the best.