Other Industries

Weld Consulting and Automation

*WPS/PQR and welding consultations include, but are not limited to ASME IX, AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, D1.4, D1.5 (NGI-ESW and EGW) D1.6, D1.7, D1.8, D9.1, D14.1, EN ISO 15614.

*We assure your WPS/PQR’s and Welding Project documentation are correct.

*Working with Organizations-Supply Chain for Evaluation and Qualification of Vendors becoming “Approved Vendor Status” prior to the purchase orders being set is crucial for project success.

*ASME quality program development for acquiring usage Stamps and Quality program development for National Board Certificate of Authorization for “R” Stamp.

*AWS-Certified Welding Fabricator quality program development to AWS B5.17/QC 17 and Welding QMS to ISO 3834.

*Internal audits to ISO-9001, API Q1, AISC, AWS-CWF/ATF, NQA-1 by ASQ-CQA, IRCA-Lead Principal QMS Auditors

  • Buildings, bridges, natural gas pipelines and high-speed rail for technical welding, repair and fabrication consulting.