We have over 25 years of hands-on experience with improving project weld quality, weld productivity, welding process deposition rates and welder performance, saving you time and money.

We offer expert advice and welding engineering consultations with welding procedure development, welding equipment and process recommendations, manufacturing and production enhancement to a variety of companies.

We can improve your quality, productivity, your bottom line and business competitive abilities with over 25 years of welding engineering and manufacturing facility enhancements in over 13 countries. We know what is required to make you successful in the welding industry.

We can assist you with complete welding quality program consultation, training and implementation with AWS Certified Welding Fabricator Consulting.

Technical consultation, seminar and training services

We provide technical services, consulting, code book and welding training seminars to include the worlds most respected AWS (CWI) Certified Welding Inspector preparation. We provide training for visual welding inspection technology workshops and seminars in NDT to include: PT, MT, UT and Radiographic Interpretation which all meeting ASNT SNT-TC-1A  RP-training hours.

  • All course are instructed by Graduate Welding Engineer, AWS Senior Certified Welding Inspector or ASNT NDT Level III for NDT.
  • ASNT NDT Level III Exam preparation Training for Level II’s with 5 years plus experience-(2.5 days)
  • PT & MT-Level I and II training-By ASNT NDT Level III
  • UT-Level I and II training by ASNT NDT Level III
  • *AWS D1.1-Structural Code-Steel-Seminar/workshop -8 hours-Certificate of Completion &  for Part C of AWS-CWI Open Code Book exam portion preparation.
  • *API 1104 Standard- Seminar/workshop-8 hours-Certificate of Completion & for Part C of AWS-CWI Open Code Book exam portion preparation.
  • * Visual Welding Inspection Technology-8-hours-Certificate of Completion and for Part B-of AWS-CWI- Practical exam portion preparation and AWS QC1-QC5 & B5.1.
  • * WIT-Welding Inspection Fundamentals-A in depth (24) hour-Certificate of Completion and for Part A of the AWS-CWI- Fundamentals exam portion preparation and for the AWS CWE (Certified Welding Educator) QC5 Exam.
  • ASME IX-Code book seminar workshop-or AWS D1.1, AWS B2.1, ABS, ISO or DNVGL standards-8 hours-Certificate of Completion
  • ASME or AWS D1.1-WPS/PQR preparation/review seminar worshop-8 hours-Certificate of Completion
  • Taking and passing the API Source Inspector Fixed Equipment Examination-8 hours
  • Taking and passing the API A577 Certification Program for Advanced Knowledge of Welding Inspection and Metallurgy-8 hrs.
  • Consultation for facilities/fabricators to become AWS Certified Welding Fabricator to the AWS QC17/ B5.17 standards.
  • Review and prepare WPS/PQR’s to any industry welding code or standard
  • Welding Engineer Consultation for proper selection and application of welding processes for your project and equipment to optimize performance, weld deposition and quality before the project begins with 25 years hands on dirty boots experience.
  • Preparation for AWS CWI-Parts A, B and C of the examination.  Take seminars at your own pace.

Call or email for scheduling your welder testing, training or consulting service needs. For other specific pricing on services, please send email with your request for consulting or other specific welder certification, training, testing needs.